Full Save Game for version 1.33 [Support Multiplayer]

Map explored: 99.99%
All garages unlocked
Truck 16
Driver 16
Level 195 (646,662 XP)
Money: $102,034,000
Tested with ETS2 last version [should work for all versions]
How to Install:
Just extract the ZIP-file and copy the folder inside to “My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/profiles”.



4 thoughts on “Full Save Game for version 1.33 [Support Multiplayer]

  1. president10

    LoL fake ?

  2. ZaTTychka

    Truck privat?

    1. A screenshot of Aradeth. This a..hole stole it from flickr probably.

  3. DR-samantha = Mod thief!

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