Garagen Mod

Here a garage mod. I make this available to you

Garage was built with bugs from Alter Swede Skultuna Trans Akari AB the base he got as a free download and made some changes
Since he has this mod. as his spends and the Old Swede stranger work as his spends and thus trying to earn money, I make this available to you free of charge.

Mod. Has error w.z.b. Color errors on some houses, bridges, tunnels, and ferries appear pink.

free scs


7 thoughts on “Garagen Mod

  1. Download impossible, Site in Work, Link is dead.
    Why you do not upload to sharemods ???And it was good, first repair the “pink Problem”. We had this again around 2015…

    1. scania_dragon

      No problem with Download! Runs perfectly (a.t.m.)

  2. just tried the link he goes best uses her firefox to download other browsers can experience difficulties

  3. Arthur Vince NL

    Can’t download it “Service Unavailable”

    Also like JoachimK says, The original mod was made years ago for gameversion 1.27, so that’s why youve got several errors (pink buildings and bridges).

    1. ETS Junkie

      yes the error he has … is due to the remodeling of the was not able to fix the error I sit down the days to get an update or a fix to make

  4. How can I change the color of the garage lighting?

  5. How can i change the signs ??

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