German City Names v 1.2 for ProMods and Italy/Hungary Map

Adds German translations of the cities of the following maps/DLCs:
– vanilla map
– DLC “Going East!”
– DLC “Scandinavia”
– DLC “Vive la France!”
– ProMods v2.20
– ProMods Extension v0.2.5
– ItalyMap v2.0
in brackets.
Example: “Praha (Prag)”

If you discover a new city, only the German translation will be displayed – “PRAG”.
To some other cities – mainly France and the UK – were added dialect names of this cities with slashes. Example: “Huesca/Uesca”
The capitals of all countries are written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the map. (E. G.: “BRATISLAVA (Pressburg)”)
I’ve tested the mod for ProMods and ItalyMap seperately; I cannot guarantee if it works when you play with both.

Put the downloaded files “German_City_Names_v1.2.scs” and/or
“German_City_Names_v1.2_Hungary.scs” into the folder /user/documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. You don’t need to create a new profile!
Activate only one of the two files, depending on if you use vanialla/ProMods/Italy map or Hungary standalone map.
This mod should have a higher priority than all other map mods in the mod manager!
Tested with version 1.28 of the game; it should also work with 1.27!

– Adaption for HungaryMap by Frank007 (EXTRA FILE!)
– Fixed spelling mistakes
– Adaption for ItalyMap v2.0 by Renzo243 and Deco13
– Wrong displayed city names fixed
– Missing German city names added
– Release

For updates, visit:

SCS Software, ProMods Team, Renzo243, Frank007, Topolino


3 Responses to German City Names v 1.2 for ProMods and Italy/Hungary Map

  1. garmeh says:

    pleas sent pro mod map link

  2. Topolino says:

    Here you can download ProMods: (you have to be logged in)
    But this mod works also without ProMods.

  3. My Birthday says:

    Hi..Today is my Birthday..Please Subscribe to my channel..Can anyone help me?
    My Channel Link-

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