German City Names v 1.35 for ProMods 2.27

This mod should be placed above all other map mods in the mod manager!
Tested with version 1.31 of the game; it should also work with newer/older versions.

Adds German translations of the cities of the following maps/DLCs:
– vanilla map
– DLC “Going East!”
– DLC “Scandinavia”
– DLC “Vive la France!”
– DLC “Italia”
– ProMods v2.27
– Poland Rebuilding v2.2
– Project Balkans v1.8
in brackets.
Example: “Praha (Prag)”

If you discover a new city, only the German translation will be displayed – “PRAG”.

To some other cities – mainly France and the UK – were added dialect names of this cities with slashes. Example: “Huesca/Uesca”

The capitals of all countries are written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the map. (E. G.: “BRATISLAVA (Pressburg)”)


– Added city names of Poland Rebuilding v2.2
– Added city names of Project Balkans v1.8

– Adapted for ProMods 2.25+

– Cities of Italy DLC added
– Files for HungaryMap / ItalyMap mods removed

– Small bugs fixed
– Adapted for 1.30

– Adaption for HungaryMap by Frank007 – use other file!
– Fixed spelling mistakes

– Adaption for ItalyMap v2.0 by Renzo243 and Deco13
– Wrong displayed city names fixed
– Missing German city names adde

For news, visit

SCS, ProMods team, Poland Rebuilding team, Project Balkans team, Topolino


8 Responses to German City Names v 1.35 for ProMods 2.27

  1. Florin says:

    Dude, work harder next time. Many city names are wrong. To give just one example, Sibiu from Romania which has it’s german name as Hermanstadt, not like you’ve written there. It’s not that hard. You just need to use the Wikipedia for that! 😉

    • Topolino says:

      Oh, you’re right: Hermestatt is only the Transylvanian Saxon dialect. So I’ll fix it in the next version. I allways use Wikipedia, so I don’t know how this could happen…

    • Topolino says:

      But if you find more mistakes, it would be nice if you tell me them. 😉

  2. KASIA says:

    A kiedy będą polskie nazwy miast?

  3. JoachimK says:

    – Project Balkans v1.8 = 2.8 😉

  4. Thomas Müller says:

    Isnt Arnhem Arnheim in german

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