Giant Cargo Trailer Mod – ETS2 1.39, 1.40

Big Heavy Trailer Mod For ETS2 1.39 and 1.40
Working On All Map Mods
Tested on 1.39 and 1.40

How To Install Or How To get This Trailer Mod Watch Video:

Factor Gamer Br


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15 thoughts on “Giant Cargo Trailer Mod – ETS2 1.39, 1.40

  1. Proximity

    What the hell?

  2. A_C_Muller

    Hehe! What’s the weight on this load, eh?! I hope you have no bridges or underpasses to go under! ;-p

  3. A_C_Muller

    5T – so I guess it’s Balsa Wood? Luckily it’s NOT Canadian Hard Wood like Ash. Otherwise this load would weigh 25-35T. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. in this case it is better to remove the ” Simulator ” from the name of the game, clueless this mode, but … each with their own. Hahahaha

  5. GermanETS2Driver

    Omegalul… Who is proud of your Mod?

  6. AlexBrutain

    I miss the Liberty statue on top of those woods

  7. AvM Transport

    Dream come true.


  8. richyrich

    This mod is actually kind of near to reality when you think of how some guys in india operate lol

  9. Glauber Ferreira da Silva

    lixo de mod o brasileiro tem que ser estudado pela NASA

  10. How ###### are you actually?

  11. Exactly ๐Ÿ˜’

  12. Hi! Can we modify this mod in order to add the real weight to it? At first glance, this would be between 60 and 80 tons. If this mod is protected, then our gaming group will not use it.

  13. Mas tinha que ser um br pra fazer uma merda dessas?
    of course I had to be a Brazilian to do #### like that?

  14. Crazy mod
    MY 4K gameplay movie with this mod

  15. What…is…THIS?!

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