Graphics Mod

— Works with 1.28 (might work with 1.30)
— New Flares , shadows and more..
— Promods Compatible

Do not reupload , use original download link!



12 Responses to Graphics Mod

  1. Master.OfDisaster says:

    Game Crash

    • RaZeR says:

      Not sure .. Works fine on 1.28 if you are using 1.30 I advise you to wait . Will publish one after promods for 1.30 comes out .

      • Roma says:

        Hi I’m a mod maker I use your graphics Do you have a chance to upgrade the new version?

  2. uur says:

    Dont work in 1.30

  3. JoachimK says:

    Normal, it´s for 1.28…

  4. The Angel Of My Life says:

    Can you make it for 1.30 please?

  5. alex says:

    why you past this mod, if this mod is for verison 1.28??

    • RaZeR says:

      70% of the community still uses 1.28 which is promods compatible.

  6. Vlad says:

    Weather IWR 6 from SGate, flare pack from abasstreppas.

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