Greget Suspension and Physics V1.0


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Thank you for your comments and suggestions, it made ​​me realize to make a new one, so even though this is only a small and cheap mod, but I really enjoy it because it is a small part of the huge buttresses ….

in the rar file there are 4 options, please look for the style that suits your driving and all of the different character ….

Please enter your comments and suggestions in the comments ….

Thank you.

Gustav Rhan


23 Responses to Greget Suspension and Physics V1.0

  1. Nimeni_Altu says:

    Nice mod man! THANKS!
    those who say this mod is not good is either the other moders, or either people who never drived a real truck!
    anyway, thanks again! goodluck

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      yes thank you for your help and suggestions, I look on youtube to see the real truck physics, one by one I watched the video documentation of the European truck driver is uploaded to youtube … to see the movement of the cabin …

  2. MidniteTrain says:

    Look real good to me. Like it a lot. Now I’ll go check it out on my truck. Thank you Gustav Rhan.✔

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      I also say thank you, without the support and advice of your probably not going to be a mod like this, thank you ….

  3. Nimeni_Altu says:

    i have a qwestion:
    tell me the difference between this mods!
    all of them seems the same, exept the 3rd one who is a little more nice!!!

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      as this is the difference, in
      # Wheel suspension damping strength ….
      of all the different ….
      setting and controlling even look like the same …

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      the difference is, the base of this mod I took from version 1.11.1 and I added a bit of spice, while the base of the link that you take it is, version 1.8 or earlier that I convert to version 1.11.1

  4. Evox says:

    i’ve not finished yet to test it but why the intarder as no effect?

    • Gustav Rhan says:

      I have yet to get to the science intarder

      • Evox says:

        ok Gustav, i’m use the 4th and i think you could make it more smooth on the front wheels and cab pressure vertical and about the intarder now i use the other one combinate.

  5. Fred_be says:

    ok Gustav thks

  6. Mihailo Kovacevic says:

    Link for traffic mod?

  7. PAOLO.DZ says:

    good mod i love it and also love ur traffic mod + sound can u give a link ? i support u thx peace

  8. Brocade says:

    Some truck MOD I use become to move strangely in ETS2 V.1.11.
    Your MOD solve the problem. Thank Gustav.
    I can use my favorite MOD, because of your work.

  9. GCNK says:

    wew..god job gan..

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