H.Essers Skin Pack (for low decks)

:::4k resolution H.ESSERS Skin Pack, low deck edition:::

The following mods are required (download links can be found inside the archive):

– Man TGX Euro 5 and Euro 6 by Madster
– Krone Megaliner addon by Sogard3
– Krone Coolliner Mega addon by Sogard3

The skin pack features:
– two skins for the Man TGX Euro 5 and Euro 6 (for XXL cab variants ONLY)
– one skin for the Krone Megaliner
– two skins (red and white) for the Krone Cooliner Mega
– Belgium registration plates included

DISCLAIMER: does H.ESSERS use this kind of setups? No. Do I care? No.



One thought on “H.Essers Skin Pack (for low decks)

  1. Essers Mod N° 2577
    Why again? 🙁

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