Hand on Wheel Streeing

Very good mod for your driving

Hand on wheel streeing
Tested in versions

Amir Mahdazi & sina_t.h


7 thoughts on “Hand on Wheel Streeing

  1. This mod don’t work.

  2. 1.22 to 1.26? What the ###### hell is the point of using/testing it whatever, on those old versions..? Or is this old cack dug up and re-released as “new” ? I aint being funny bruv but it seems pointless. I need this explained.

    1. EvgenKo423

      I give a 90% that it’s a re-upload. It has been re-uploaded a couple of times.

      1. EvgenKo423

        No one even bothered to make it work for all trucks.

  3. fake

  4. Fake but morons keep hitting that like button. Human waste.

  5. I wish someone could design a decent mod of this as it would be good,but this mod keeps showing up time and time again and it is shite, drivers don’t have robot arms FFS

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