Hands on steering wheel v2


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Fixed animation, remade hands
reuploading to others file hosters forbidden

H_o_s_w, Fenix


5 Responses to Hands on steering wheel v2

  1. ffgameszocker says:

    This mod would be so cool if the hands would have a animation how turn the steering wheel but its nevertheless a good try to have hands on the steering wheel

  2. Marcel1801 says:

    omg! just get it the mod is total crap…

    Reasons why:
    -not for all trucks
    -not with interior mods compatible
    -no animation

  3. Gogu says:

    Very bad and ugly mod.

  4. Joe says:

    The reason this won’t work is that when you turn the wheel the arms seems like cut off from the body, only one hand should move each time, and then the other one replacing it, just like in real life. Otherwise in looks weird and creepy.
    Even having the hands staying in the same place with only the wheel moving would look better.
    But thanks for trying anyways.

  5. Ways71 says:

    This mod is pretty good, idea wise. But i’d like to see the hands actually move and not get cut off. Make something similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvQY84ewp-Y – Also, make the hands on animation for ALL trucks.

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