Harley Quinn Volvo FH16 GXL & Chereau


There are scs files
-volvo FH16 GXL
-Chereau Trailer Standalone
-grey/white/red HQ wheels

Sorry there are know credits for the Chereau, i jus dont know who to ask, there are soo many Author. i jus skinned it, but who ever made it, very nice



7 Responses to Harley Quinn Volvo FH16 GXL & Chereau

  1. Evox says:


  2. ghost says:

    could someone give me the link for the wheels?


    • Banksy says:

      hi there wheels come with truck, or if u want more colors, look up colored wheels by KZ800

      • ghost says:

        sorry about my dumb request, I failed to read the description. Do you take requests? I have a Volvo VNL on which I would like to have this very same skin…I’ll try to adap this one to it but I doubt the result will be too great. Let me know if you could help me out with this and I’ll send you the template for the truck.

        This is THE coolest skin I’ve ever seen…not sure what’s so special about it but I love it. Someone should paint his truck like this in reality 😀

  3. Banksy says:

    Its Harley Quinn lol. Thx dude good to get feed bak on the skins glad u like it.

    yes if u send template i will try im only good with the scania cab coding at mo so it mite be lil wait. when i learn all the other “suitable for []:” codes i can start doin more that jus scania. 🙂

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