Heavy Physics 1.27 v 2.0

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Test: 1.27
If you like work of the long-distance truck driver, fight against difficulties on the way and don’t like to hurry.
Then this of fashion “Heavy physics” for you.
What distinguishes given fashion from similar:
With this spendthrift it is really more difficult to deliver freight.
Emphasis is put on approach to realness (all almost like in reality, all this a game).
It is more difficult to overcome rises, longer braking disperses more heavy (depends on the weight and the chassis).
Long descents – an overheat of brakes, departures on a road shoulder, accidents.
Rises – perhaps you just won’t come around and you will spend fuel (if you have a weak engine and not the suitable chassis).

In settings of a game to include an adaptive automatic transmission (when using 12 and above drives)

added trucks:
MAN TGX Euro6 (MADster)
Scania r4, rs, t, t4 (RJL)

Many parameters are changed:

resistance and losses in transmission;
resistance of rotation of wheels;
inertia of a swing wheel;
torque; (speed is gathered more slowly, falls quicker);
clutch; (an engine stop when throwing a clutch pedal)
balance and intensity of brakes; (the braking distance is increased on ~ 50-100m, in different provisions of the toddler of intensity of braking);
ruggedness of material, resistance of deformation and coefficient of slippage of tires; (a staskivaniye, a slipping, drifts, a blockage of wheels when braking)
cabin weight, wheel weight;
smooth suspender;
degree of turning movement of steering wheels and sedelno-coupling device.

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4 thoughts on “Heavy Physics 1.27 v 2.0

  1. Very nice job with the suspension and cabin movement, but the overall resistance in engine and wheels are way to high.
    Coasting with or without the clutch feels like driving uphill when driving with an automatic gearbox, the engine will keep battling the gears and not really gain speed once there is a few Ton on the back.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi,

    I agree with Michael! Very good job with the cabin movement, acceleration speed, suspension, you can really feel the weight of your truck but there is only one big problem, the steering! Feels like i’m driving on ice. If you can fix that this will be the best physics mod for heavy lovers like me. 😉

    1. In the next version I will fix this

  3. William25

    Can you make a boutton for
    deactivate ABS and esp please ?
    if you can do it, Would have been perfect

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