Honda Civic FB7

YouTube preview

works on 1.30.x
buy on all dealers
animated automatic gear
other animations and gauages
body kit option

trzpro, berkay pekesen, huseyin besparmak


13 thoughts on “Honda Civic FB7

  1. BanditGamingHD

    works fine, video 1080p60fps —

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.30…

  3. RiflerGamer

    Test video:

  4. Renault 19 sedan come please

      1. Emir abi rica etsem 2016 üstü bi tiguan modu yapabilme şansınız varmı bu sadece bi fikir yaparsanız çok mutlu olurum ve benzeri yok o yüzden tutlabilir

  5. Citroën+berlingo+2016+yaparmisiniz

  6. Can you make 2015 honda hrv please??

  7. hamza ermiş

    rar password?

  8. I’ve tried and transported a cargo. Indeed, it has an animated gearbox and interesting detail. But it also has many errors that should be corrected:
    1-the onboard computer is not functional. Only shows the time and temperature
    2- fuel and temperature indicators are not functional either
    3-special engine sound failure. When you stop accelerating, makes a very unpleasant noise
    4-has the same error as the original Skoda: Hooked badly with the car trailer. For that reason, the automatic change malfunctions (in raises, does not change to a higher gear)
    5-immediately after transporting the cargo, pressed Enter and the car was suspended in the vacuum. This is the first time that’s ever happened to me.

  9. hey trzpro, the cars mod is stopped please.. Any chance of an standalone Trucks mod create??? so trzpro make the Western Star 5700XE! PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  10. loctelESP

    Muy buen mod!! Ánalisis en mi canal:
    Echarle un vistazo!! Chaoo!!

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