Honda Civic FD6 V2 (1.33.x)

YouTube preview

Editing the tool is strictly prohibited
Breaking SCS and PMD is strictly prohibited

Vehicle features

2 Different front bumper
2 Different rear bumper
2 Different front grill
1 Spoiler
Active animations
Metalic and normal color
HQ Model
Ao Render
Real Warex Engine sound

Things to know
The car comes out in every gallery.
It has been tested in version 1.33.x.

Berkay Pekesen
Emir Bardakçı (trzpro)

Full Convert Edit : Berkay Pekesen
Anim : Emir Bardakçı

Berkay Pekesen , Emir Bardakçı (trzpro)


8 thoughts on “Honda Civic FD6 V2 (1.33.x)

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  2. Richard Heade

    It doesn’t appear in any gallery. I already have Skoda SuperB 1.33 activated, can we not have more than 1 car in the game??????

    1. You’d have to create a profile for each one. All these guys all they do is edit the files of the skoda superb. That’s why the cars are not compatible. This is how they have managed to launch hundreds of different models. The goal is to see videos and use download links. Other than that they are full of mistakes of all kinds. I used to, once in a while, tasted one. Not now.

      1. Richard Heade

        Thanks for that reply, I can’t have several profiles open, so, I’ll just use one car in future.

  3. engines pls

  4. John Smith

    What a beauty.
    A shame there barely are such things here in Europe.

    1. damian van kleef

      I honestly see these quite commonly XD

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