House – Hamburg (D)

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House in Germany.

We can sleep on home area. Compatible with other maps and don’t require DLC maps.



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11 thoughts on “House – Hamburg (D)

  1. Can also call in any hole in the stock map and call it “House” lol

    1. When we know that Graku also works on the Poland Rebuilding, we can see that he is capable of the best and the worst! 😀

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

    1. Hey JGaming HD , the video already on top of the author mod, why are you here with your s.h.i.t in all the cracks? Stuping lol

      1. Stabon-Strapon

        Zavali ebalo pidar Playgroundovskiy, vali naxyi otsyda, ne tebe Volodia Sidorov reshat komu i skolko video zagruzhat. Gondon.

  3. katie08cd

    wow, with this map editor, can I create a green area to take pictures?
    it would be very useful if you want to take photos of your truck at various angles and then edit them for your personal stuff

    1. Yes, you can. 😉

    2. This mod green background already exists!

  4. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video here … Thx for made an house in new Germany roads 😀

  5. Silesia man

    Czy jest mozliwosc zrobienia domu w Katowicach Prosze

  6. Could you be so kind and create a home for Munich, please?

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