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Mod modifies default ETS2 Map Zoom values, allowing to see huge parts of map.
I recommend using Zoom x2 with High City Detail.

* Zoom x2, High City Detail
* Zoom x2, Low City Detail
* Zoom x4, High City Detail
* Zoom x4, Low City Detail

Detailed Credits:
* Narzew for making this Huge Zoom Fix 🙂
* Hemil for South Korea Adventure Map Zoom, used as base
* SCS for game_data.sii template


License (EN):
* Share where you want, but save authorship and original download link
* Do not reupload
* Do not earn on my mod (, and similiar)
* Do not sell my mod
* If you build something upon my work, please add me to credits and send me a e-mail (or message via SCS forum)

License (PL):
* Rozprzestrzeniaj gdzie chcesz, ale zachowaj listę twórców i oryginalny link
* Nie reuploaduj
* Nie zarabiaj na moim modzie (, i podobne)
* Nie sprzedawaj mojego moda
* Jeśli stworzyłeś coś na podstawie mojego moda, dodaj mnie do creditsów i wyślij mi e-maila (lub wiadomość przez forum SCS)

License (RU):

* Сохранять первоначальную ссылку на скачивание и авторство!
* Не перезаливать!
* Никаких подкладываний под ссылку (,, и так далее..), с целью заработка, на данной модификации!

Narzew, Hemil


6 thoughts on “Huge Map Zoom

  1. very nice work:)

  2. Many thanks! This will be quite helpful!

  3. Tested with main profile that includes current versions of:
    South Korea Adventure

    All maps can be seen or scrolled to in all views, map, truck dealers, jobs, and garage management.

    It is nice that I don’t have to go into every map with the chance of breaking it just to get the some I want.

    Using the recommended Zoom 2x hi-city view.

    Great tool!

  4. makes 0 damage in rus open spaces unfortunately loved it until then

  5. B l u e F i l i p 1 3 3 7

    Wow !

    It fix my open spaces mod

  6. DenisJura

    Hello : no files ? Thank you

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