Hungary map v0.9.23 for 1.16.X


This is only an update of v0.9.22 for the patch 1.16.2!
No new cities added!!!

The new version is coming soon…

The map contains only 55 cities so far, but i plan to add over 300 cities.

Very important !!!
Read the description before starting the game!



54 thoughts on “Hungary map v0.9.23 for 1.16.X

  1. bisurmanin

    I love this map! 🙂

  2. Me 2 🙂 It’s nice 2 see everyone got different ideas 🙂

  3. I’m your biggest fan ever!!! I looove your single carriage roads and the parked trucks and the way time passes and the… everything! Can’t wait for the 300+ cities

    Yours truely

  4. f u c k … my map is beautiful

  5. Very nice map,but to much lag!

  6. is this stadalone or can other maps be added

    1. stadalone

  7. Need I create a new profile or it is enough to add this mod to actually profile?


  8. #Goba :
    then prove it , i knew some past Versions of you but no actually for P1,16 , cause i´m not with Skype .

    # frank 007 good doing , i like your map , too , there is a good word in german to describe my opinion : knuffig .

  9. The most realistic map 🙂

  10. deineMudda

    very good map ! 🙂 love it!
    can someone say where i find a Scania Truck dealer? 😀

  11. very good map! thank you !!

  12. Very nice map
    Big BRAVOOO!
    Can somebody tell me if works the 500.000 START MONEY ?

  13. v0.9.23? It’s fake. Alas! It’s v0.9.22++ for 1.15

  14. AlexCrazy

    it’s fake
    Frank did not make 0.9.23 version, last is v0.9.22++ from 20.12.2014

    1. Fake map update?

      1. Is not 🙂

      2. AlexCrazy


        Frank write 23/02/15:
        “I’m working hard on the map, but I don’t dare to tell you a release date! 😀 Maybe within 3-4 weeks….”


    1. Seriosly?! PROVE ME IT IS FAKE 🙂

        1. Yeah ok,u show me one post from Jun 2013 …. 🙂 be serios 🙂

  16. Hungary Map it’s a GREAT standalone map! Thank you Frank for sharing and keep up the good and hard work.

  17. Fake.

    1. U guys are ######? Search on google… 🙂 … He updated the map,so shut up and enjoy.

      1. AlexCrazy

        Frank writes: “Yes, It’s a fake! The latest version is 0.9.22 but there’s a fix (made not by me) for 1.16.2 fixing the large dealer issue! As I know it works with my map. The new version is coming soon… :D”

        1. No, we’re not ######.

          You are for uploading fake mods.

          Do not download anything on sharemods uploaded by this guy (AlexXplo)!

  18. nekem nincsenek benne a z Új városok. Vagy ez még nem 0.9.23?

  19. Best map ever!I wait that version with 300 cities,its gonna be awesome!

  20. GOİNG EAST ?

  21. Scania Driver

    Thank you but were is Scania Truck dealer?.
    I love Scania 😉

  22. When creating your profile activate and select hungary.mbd as module!

    Where is hungary.mbd ?

    1. poutitine

      @#### in your ### [email protected] dorovan

      1. ha ha ha !

  23. I can´t select hungary.mbd as module when a I create New profile… Where is problem…?

  24. Nefertiti


    Latest version: v0.9.22 FOR THE PATCH 1.15

  25. Alex Lies

    Definitely A FAKE,
    Posted by Frank007 today on the SCS Forums:
    “Yes, It’s a fake! The latest version is 0.9.22 but there’s a fix (made not by me) for 1.16.2 fixing the large dealer issue! As I know it works with my map. The new version is coming soon… :D”

    Here is the link, 7th post on page 102!, Go check for yourself!

  26. Fake or not it doesnt matter.Big dealers are fixed and it is great.
    +Narrow roads
    +Detailed cities and villages
    +Many objects
    +Anti Boring routes
    +Realistic Companies
    +Hard parking sometimes
    +Police everywhere
    +x3 distance and time ratio (x9 game base)
    -Few texture issues
    -Wrong placed traffic signs
    An amazing map not for rookie drivers.

  27. Piekna mapa.. chciabym mape polski w dokadnie takich klimatach. Good job men!!!

  28. The map is great, fake or not. I’ll be waiting for the real update, but in the meantime, this one will suffice. I do have one issue with the map, though. Some of the bridge overpasses are too low, and I’m getting trailers stuck and there’s no way around. That’s the only issue I find with this well done map.

  29. Kevin Huenaerts

    This map is great!!

  30. Wilczok! - PL

    Piękna Mapa! Ale są dosyć duże lagi.

  31. What a fantastic job you made man. Regards from Poland

  32. Kvalatadd

    Great map ever!!!

  33. Paulo Amaral

    excelente mapa , poderia ser complemento para outros mapas ficaria muito bom sem ter que mudar de perfil , parabens gostei muito .

  34. lots of errors and models in old format – game log goes full of issues after hour or more of driving and game freezes and crashes

  35. good

  36. kuba procajlo

    fajne sa postoje

  37. Benjinathor

    Excellent map! I really love it, and there’s a lot of roads to explore 🙂 but there’s a few bugs, like lag at some place, and one of the AI bus was only showing the wheels and driver

    1. I use trailer mod packs, and bridges have too low clearance, very annoying.

  38. Very good map
    I use HD grafic and it is perfect!!!!!!

  39. can anyone please list all truck dealers and their cities,..

  40. love it

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