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Mod aimed at the players, who want more difficult and life like physics in ETS2. It adds lots of changes to almost parameters, related to truck and driver behavior.
This version contains major changes, compared to previous 1.3 version. To start with, it now goes back to traditional (for this mod) system of custom chassis files.
Also, there is no more soft and normal versions, there is one, “suitable for all” version.

Key features:
1.Corrected to more real life values such parameters as: max. brake temperature, brakes heating/cooling rates and cabin mass;
2.More realistic fifth wheel: added fifth wheel roll angle;
3.Changed brake efficiency: less overall effectiveness and less effectiveness at low speed (but higher upper margin of “low speed”). Increased max. brakes temperature, increased warm up/cool down rates;
4.Decreased retarder effectiveness;
5.Increased chassis suspension travel values for vanilla trucks and trucks from “supported” list;
6.Decreased truck responsitiveness. More feel of a truck mass – less acceleration, harder to brake with and without load, more air and rotational wheel resistance;
7.Increased clutch strength for more realistic clutch-transmission behavior;
8.Decreased tire friction parameters and increased wheel slip factors – brake path now is longer and at some conditions (muddy, wet road etc) you can loose control on truck or experience wheel slip;
9.Reworked cabin and chassis suspension behavior – during various truck maneuvers truck front less static now;
10.Reworked driver behavior – during truck maneuvers, he`s more prone to move frontbackwardside to side (but not that much, like in previous mod version);
11.Increased flywheel resistance – RPM drops faster, when not in gear;
12.Decreased engine compression – truck loses speed more quicker, when no throttle is given;
13.Increased transmission resistance – more losses in transmission.

Supported trucks (IMPORTANT!):
Mod support all trucks, but full support (which means custom chassis files) available for this trucks:
DAF XF by 50k, Volvo FH Classic and FH16 2013 by Ohaha, SISU and all Scanias from RJL, Volvo VNL 670 and 780, MAN TGX Euro6 and TGA by Madster, Scania 143 by Ekualizer and Iveco Strator by Shoofer/EM Group, Scania P/G by GT-Mike, Kenworth T800/W900, Freightliner Classic XL/Argosy, Freightliner FLB by odd_fellow, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor; vitalik062, Kriechbaum, FRANK_WOT; MB Antos by DANZ; Scania R730 by Bogdan Kasalap; Scania 4 by satan19990, NewTon, Mr.Poland/Chudy/Wojtas, Anaheim i EDD123; Peterbilt 387 by Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor; Peterbilt 389 by Viper2 MAZ 5432, KAMAZ 53212, Ural 43202.
To use this mod with these modded trucks, install it with higher priority!!!
If you have some other not listed above truck mods, try to install them with higher priority, than this physics mod, to avoid possible problems.

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable this mod;

Proper installation example:

Mod name__________________________________________Priority
Some mod truck not from “supported trucks” listed
Improved truck physics mod
Some mod truck from “supported trucks” listed

Version 1.4
Added tweaked chassis files;
Removed mod split on two versions;
Added support for Freightliner FLB by odd_fellow, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor; vitalik062, Kriechbaum, FRANK_WOT; MB Antos by DANZ; Scania R730 by Bogdan Kasalap; Scania 4 by satan19990, NewTon, Mr.Poland/Chudy/Wojtas, Anaheim i EDD123; Peterbilt 387 by Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor; Peterbilt 389 by Viper2;
Decreased steering sensivity;
Decreased fifth wheel pitch/roll angles;
Decreased brake strenght and increased higher upper margin of “low speed”;
Brake balance reverted to default value;
Decreased brake cool down/warm up rates;
Decreased cabin pitch backward and roll angles;
Increased cabin springing force;
Increased damping force of cabin springing;
Decreased cabin and wheel mass;
Increased damping force of chassis suspension;
Reworked all parameters related to clutch, transmission and retarder – their behavior more realistic now;
Fixed inability to stall engine bug;
Decreased air resistance;
Fixed wheel slip values;
Decreased stiffness of tyre material and increased damping force of tyre deformation.

Author: AlexeyP


15 thoughts on “Improved Truck Physics Mod v 1.4

  1. nerowskyyMonster

    Whats that scania mod?

    1. It`s a stock SCS Scania R, reworked by me (google for Scania Interior/Exterior rework).

  2. speedy311

    mod doesn’t work. Game crash while loading

    1. Check mod order, according to readme. I`ve tested mod sucessfully on different profiles, before releasing it.

      1. speedy311

        ok i will check the mod order. Thanks for the reply

  3. So how is this compared to version 1.1 or 1.2? It seems that this version is coming closer to vanilla physics.
    Where’s the loss of control when you are driving the truck 80km/h on dangerous wet roads?

    1. It is more like ver.1.1 with rather soft chassis suspension, but this time it can proper absorb any curbs, bumps, etc. Also, there is much less sensivity, than in default physics. Lots of changes to clutch and transmission too. Wheel slip and truck slide is here too. I`ve changed almost all parameters in physics, so no – it is completely different from vanilla physics.

  4. speedy311

    it works now. Great mod!

    Thanks AlexeyP.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    1. Thanks mate!

  5. Looks good. I didn’t think the original is bad but..
    try this one thanks

    1. Thanks!

  6. xander cole

    steering is too slow on controller

  7. This mod is a decent effort, there are quite a few changes I liked… however my main complaint is that compared to vanilla physics, trucks feel too floaty, as if there’s no weight to them. :/

    For this reason, I’d rather stick with vanilla physics, sadly.

    The changes in steering speed (that others have pointed out) are also inconvenient and seem unnecessary, though that can be corrected by adjusting steering sensitivity in control options

  8. Steering is too slow for keyboard. That’s too bad.

  9. Authors, please enjoy a trailer, try to ride on the map “Strict Russia”. To my mind there well made trailer suspension settings, it will add a lot of realism in simulation

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