Interior Package & steering wheel Trucks v 1.2 By Rockeropasiempre

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Hello friends. I was able to update the interior pack I started with the Scania. I still have a long way to go to where I want to finally finish, but a matter of patience and free time.


– 24 different Interiors for 3 of the truck brands of the game.
– 8 for Scania R 2016.
– 8 for Scania S 2016.
– Interiors for normal cabin, and high cabin.
– Optional flyers to combine with the interiors.
– Independent mod, adds the interiors, does not replace them.
– All interiors unlocked from the zero level.

New in this version:

– 8 New interiors for Renault Magnum.
– 8 new upholstered steering wheels the interior. Fully combinable with each other

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the file: 169.3 Mb

Link download Sharemods:




9 Responses to Interior Package & steering wheel Trucks v 1.2 By Rockeropasiempre

  1. Edivad says:

    Excellent work! Is it compatible with Sisl interiors accesories? Thank You!

    • Rockeropasiempre says:

      Hellow, this it compatible


      • JoachimK says:

        Sorry, but there is only a Attachment for Banners, etc.on the Windscreen. No others.

        But the Interiors a very nice, good work.

  2. fer says:

    Muy bien, buen trabajo amigo

  3. Devil666 says:

    Very good job, thank you!
    But the table is gone, the internal GPS can’t be deactivated!

  4. MandrakeCrimson says:

    Hola Rockero: el mod para obtener el 25% más de gasolina no está funcionando en ETS2 para Steam v1.31.2.10s. Ojalá puedas sacar una nueva versión con los cambios. Estoy utilizando un camión VOLVO FH con 4 ejes y el consumo es el mismo que sin el mod.
    Un saludo amigo y muchas gracias por tu trabajo.

  5. tj sena says:

    what is the password?

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