International 9800i

International 9800i

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Upgraded version 1.20 for the game.
There is the tuning of the cab, paint, engine choice.

You can find this truck in Volvo dealer trucks.

Authors: Blinkman, Softlens, Ventures, adaptation: Donetsk_pr

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13 thoughts on “International 9800i

  1. AlexCrazy

    mod from autumn 2013 with no changes or updates

    1. fake? Checked ?
      With me mod works well for 1.20.1s
      But the truck without the new features .

  2. need a bit more “configuration” !!!!! and this truck looks a lot like a freightliner!!!!

  3. EneaMaconi

    #### #### #### #### mod

  4. Короче, очередная ХРЕНЬ!!! Кто нибудь, доведите его уже до ума!!!

  5. it is a pity be another fake and outdated mod.

    I hope some real modder can update this one a others forgotten good trucks left by original authors.

  6. This is a boudoir or what? Can you remove these idiotic curtains? This is a profanation of the truck !!

  7. Military_Pig

    Салон полное отстойное убожество!!!

  8. Lol Vader

  9. Шлак редкий!

  10. naemnik67

    не приборы светятся, а вся панель. хрень!

  11. ligths dont work properly and are barly visable

  12. Donetsk PR? HA! you dumb russian rifle licker. Donetsk and Crimea are Ukranian, not russian

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