International Lonestar v1


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Tested in version 1.22
errors have been corrected
better shadows
soon we will be with the interior and more things but you enjoy it

Megatruck inter BM, Carlos Delgado, Edson Teles


7 Responses to International Lonestar v1

  1. CiceeX6 says:

    Nice truck, keep doing this! I see many promisses for it and nothing great out! Thank’s man. Make interior quickly…

  2. joshua8249 says:

    this is the most shittiest truck i ever used stick to ur day job or get a real life becouse u suck at making mods so do not do it anymore the truck steering is #### the interior is crap and the breaking sucks so do us all a favor and don’t make mods

    • joshuaisaknob says:

      Do us all a favour and stop commenting; and learn how to spell f###tard. Where are your mods? Oh that’s right, you’re a little boy who sits in his bedroom batting himself off. Knob-licker…..

    • Luke Keylock says:

      The brakes are crap? Adjust your game settings you stupid cunt.

    • rv87 says:

      you said “don’t make mods” ,man leading by example and doing fine mod node instead of criticizing others

      In France we said ” la critique est facile, mais l’art est difficile”

  3. rv87 says:

    Enfin le lonestar merci.
    C’est un début prometeur , beaucoup de travail encore …
    Merci et bonne continuation, j ai hate de voir la suite

    This is a promising start, much work still …
    Thank you and good luck, I am anxious to see the end

  4. chop1543 says:

    nice truck brakes are working perfect

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