International Prostar

– Available at Renault
– Multiple engine options
– Multiple chassis options
– Multiple transmission options
– Various skins and paintings options
– Own interior and various accessories
– Various external accessories
– Actual vehicle sound
– Great mod with several options
– Working on version 1.31.X

SouzaSG and Goter Gamer


9 Responses to International Prostar

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:


  2. SheerSquirrelTV says:

    Fake mod, a transfer from ATS, possibly stolen, crashes when customizing and has texture collisions.

    • SouzaSG says:

      lol it works well. you must have sh*t mods and equally sh*t pc

      • fan trucker says:

        SouzaSG maldito desgraciado este mod es propiedad de frank peru

      • SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

        You’ve made beautiful mods until the other day … Why do you have to ruin like that now?

        • SouzaSG says:

          i do what i want, so i can care less. i will keep uploading low-quality mods because i do what i want

  3. BigJhon says:

    Squirrel, stop wasting time with a retarded and idle kid on his vacation!
    None of his mods are from his creation, since he stole them, and he does not respect the community in his answers!
    Leave him with his diapers and ignore it because it’s a bane for this site!

  4. FRANCK_PERU says:

    Si realmente. No isiste nada. Y pones creditos en tu nombre.
    El Prostar y LoneSatar. Son de mi (Franck_PerĂº)

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