Iveco Cursor 11 E6 engine sound mod

Hi all !

The Stralis in game never had a sound mod based on real recordings.
This is no longer true :))
Like the others trucks i record myself, i have made it with a 100 rpm’s range recording precision in 96khz 24 bits .wav format. Interior accessories have been recorded the same way.
i’m pretty happy with the result, the Stralis isn’t a bad truck at all.
I’ll do the same with the MP4 Actros later, i recorded it again with my Zoom H5.
I hope you’ll enjoy it. There’s two links one for the SCS truck and an another one for the Schumi’s reworked version.



10 thoughts on “Iveco Cursor 11 E6 engine sound mod

  1. Thanks Kriechbaum, I wanted to ask you do you have any new sound for Scania NG? Thank you.

  2. Gaming By ADEEL.

    how to open the side door miror…..plz reply me

    1. its the new update- 1.37

    2. I think you commented on the wrong one, Unless it doesnt make sense, But this aint a door opening mod

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

  4. great sounds but stop makins those trasmission sound on gear change, i dont hear them on real truck videos

  5. Great+sound+!!!!+Well+done

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