Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo v 0.1

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YouTube preview

Hi, I added tuning pipe chrome and paint
It is forbidden to change the link to download
I allow you to edit on your own without the possibility of release without my permission
I allow you to insert on other forums but keep the link to download and video
as we will respect I give subsequent editions of the dlc cabin accessory
greet and Have a nice gamesorry for my English

I invite you to assess
if for some reason the link does not work please contact us, it changes to a new
Fix glass

Authors: KOKI, Ant457, Diablo


18 thoughts on “Iveco EuroTech and EurorStar by Diablo v 0.1

  1. Bulgarian

    Thx for this legend truck.Respect for it.

  2. zztrucker

    Very good mod! Thanks!

  3. Linar Aitov

    mod for light please

    1. Accessory parts all truckv2.0

      1. Linar Aitov

        thx, bro

  4. ross gillies

    Nice Mod. Look forward to V2.0

  5. Great effort, but there are some really disturbing issues. The interior is quite simplistic and not customizable at all, the speedometer is inaccurate (shows a lot more then the actual speed), and one of the wheel arch variants is pink instead of black (I guess that supposed to be black at least). Aside of these bugs its a great alpha release. Thanks for the opportunity to try, at least somebody tries to make a worthy Iveco mod.

  6. as I wrote, as usurps my work is improved and pododaje more things, model the new interior is modeled already been real otexturowac and new animations do This is a video preview of the game textures still needs to be done

    1. I hope you’ll find the time needed, this could be a great addition to this game with a better interior. Have a good time.

    2. RedDragonMK

      Interesting Mod in deed … But, could you or someone else tell me how the F to change the f*ing truck price, and the slot in the truck’s dealer … I think that older models of trucks should be at the first slot at the dealer’s salon, and a lot more cheaper than this … this should be good for starting the game with a older and cheaper truck, making the game more realistic …

  7. I have a problem in activating the mod, can anyone help?

  8. RedDragonMK You have to change all the prices salvage, then will change the price for a truck

    1. RedDragonMK

      I still dont get you right Diablo …. could you explain more pls ???


  10. Truck mirror isn’t working for me?

  11. Great mod but truck mirror isn’t working for me.

  12. i+buy+the+truck…+When+i+would+drive,+crash!+Why?!

  13. Scorpion_King

    Can you update it to 1.28 version, please?

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