Iveco HD Gauges and Interior

Iveco HD Gauges and Interior (2) Iveco HD Gauges and Interior (1)

HD Gauges and Interior for Iveco Hi Way and Stralis Trucks

– HD front
– New gauges for fuel and temperature
– UK variant has km/h speedometer with MPH overlay

Author: nfshp253


5 thoughts on “Iveco HD Gauges and Interior

  1. scaniar440

    there is a small bug.
    when i drive 83. it says im driving 79 on the speedometers

    1. I’ve checked and don’t see such a problem. What resolution and settings are you on?

      1. scaniar440

        100. But i edited the dashboard so i fixed it

      2. scaniar440

        ive yust saw it. if i edit the dashboard. the lights arent at the correct place.

        1. scaniar440

          can you pls edit the alpha channel of it?
          can i have your email adress? i want to send you my fixed version.

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