Iveco sound stock Reworked


YouTube preview

Changes sounds:
– New sound air brake.
– New tires and wind sound effects.
– Sound engine reworked.
– New turbo whistle sound.

Changes tuning:
– Added two engines from, 650hp & 700 hp,
2700nm and 2750nm to 950-1500rpm and 900-1450rpm.

P.S. the video will be up as soon as possible, allowing connection, after midnight from now.

Tested on works on 1.11



18 thoughts on “Iveco sound stock Reworked

  1. video boss…..

  2. Anonymous

    idle sound is great
    rest.. meh

  3. Lukasmann

    Great sound!
    It is really fantastic

  4. Good job;-)
    We need volvo fh2013 sound bro

  5. goood job, thanks

  6. [snd] Failed to bind, file not found! (/sound/truck/iveco/int/gear_air_1.ogg)

    and the other missing files
    please update….

    I have update my files and works fine for me

    1. LionBuster

      and video?

      1. Tribaltech

        you do not need an new video, missing only the air gear, the sound is the same.

        Sorry for the inconvenience

  7. thanks again for the update mate,

    very very good job

  8. Great sound and a lovely looking truck. Where did you get the chassis mod? Defo want that! Thanks for uploading.

  9. hey, this sound is amasing. very good job. a sound much better than that of kirchbaum

  10. Amazing sound men hope u can work sound for VOLVO FH16 and SCANIA R thx and good luck

  11. DO IT !!! new soundsZ @ Tribaltech

  12. Tribaltech

    Daf XF open pipe project xD

  13. Tribaltech

    this is my project for the DAF XF

  14. scaniar440

    PLS MAKE A FIX (1.14-1.15)

    1. scaniar440


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