IWR6 rev 1 by Supric

IWR6-2 IWR6-1

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Old good IWR6 – is alive 🙂

Revisiov 1 by Supric.

1. Sky textures fixed,
2. Time intervals fixed.
3. Light calculated from sky color.
4. Reflections fixed.
5. HDR improved.

Basic IWR6 was created by SGate (aka BlackOpen) with a my little help, but he stop this project.

This version i actually using.

Supric, SGate


7 Responses to IWR6 rev 1 by Supric

  1. Luis says:

    Is this a supplement for another MOD, or is it a separate MOD?

  2. Damian says:


  3. 4004 says:

    Yay, finally someone fixed it

  4. Bjørn Kollerud says:


  5. Bjørn Kollerud says:

    Thx for some excellent work with this mod. I have missed a mod with this kind of good properties for a long time now, tried a lot of mod that not have been good enough. Specially the night time light is excellent. Again, thx and keep up the good work you have performed

  6. MARIO1973 says:

    Awesome, the best weather mod that’s tried. The nights are very dark and dawn 2 hours later.
    I have added the Lautus graphics mod and it works perfect.
    Thank you very much for your work.


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