JBX Settings RC v1.1 – Reshade

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The post-processing effects of Reshade + JBX Settings RC offer more realistic graphics and compatibility with many Games.


– Anti Aliasing
– Realistic Color
– Less Pure White
– Sharpness and Focus

Package Content:

– Reshade
– JBX Settings


v1.1 for Reshade: Adjustments and Improvements in AdaptiveSharpen, LUT and Tonemap.

– Better Contrast
– Better Sharpness and Focus
– Updated JBX-Settings-Shaders (Folder)
– Updated ReShade.ini

Note: Before proceeding with the installation remove all the previous Reshade files.

Compatible: Con la mayoría de los juegos – With most games

JuanBonX (JBX Settings), CeeJay.dk, Crosire


12 thoughts on “JBX Settings RC v1.1 – Reshade

  1. Videos?

    1. I will upload video soon.

    1. JuanBonX

      Thanks for the video.

  2. İs it compatible with Naturalux ?

    1. JuanBonX

      JBX Settings RC was made especially for JBX Weather 2 v1.6.5. It also works with most games with good lighting. You can use it with Naturalux, RGM, etc.


      1. Canarinho

        Hi JBX, where can i Download the Weather 2 V.1.6.5

        1. JuanBonX

          Private message in JBX Graphics “Facebook Page”

          1. игорь

            «Страница Facebook»,хм,что за глупости вы сделали?для чего это?регистрироваться там только для того,что бы скачать вашу модификацию погоды очень глупо,почему не в широкий доступ?

  3. привет

    а где найти JBX Weather 2 v1.6.5. ?

  4. JuanBonX

    In the download package there is a link that leads to my facebook page. The new JBX weather 2 is not free. You want to know why? Visit my facebook page and you’ll know.

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