Johndoe SiCKX – ReShade v7.1 aka KIMOCHI – NaturaLux Edition

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Tested and adjusted for hours on end this is the definitive way to enjoy NaturaLux if you want a little bit of extra from it. This version is designed to bring ETS2 closer to the modern look of AAA racing/driving videogames, taking inspiration from titles such as Forza Horizon 4 and GT Sport as well as tons of Real Life footage.

Enjoy the very best and unmatched JD6v7 ReShade Preset! A ReShade for KINGS.

ChangeLog v7.1

-Updated shaders/texture
-Minor Performance Tweaks

Johndoe SiCKX


4 thoughts on “Johndoe SiCKX – ReShade v7.1 aka KIMOCHI – NaturaLux Edition

  1. For Multiplayer ets2????

    1. Yes.

  2. Can anyone show how to install

  3. thanks

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