Jumbo Combination Skin for Scania R Highline Streamline

Mod made by NismoDGF

Do NOT reupload without my permission! If there’s something wrong, or if you would like to request a paintjob, let me know!

Have fun driving around in a Jumbo Truck!

(For the interested ones, Jumbo is a Dutch supermarket, which also drives at night with double trailers, so if you want me to make a Double trailer Jumbo skin, let me know too!)

I can’t promise I’ll begin at it right away, I’m still a noob modder so I can’t make everything. I can only make skins for now! đŸ˜€



9 Responses to Jumbo Combination Skin for Scania R Highline Streamline

  1. Michael Kooyman says:

    hoi kan je meschien van simonloos skin maken die rijden voor heel veel winkels ook soms voor jumbo trailer skin en truck skin

    • NismoDGF says:

      Zal ik doen! Ik ga er gelijk aan beginnen!

    • bikkel says:

      de simon loos combinatie’s zijn op diverse site’s te vinden

    • NismoDGF says:

      Ik denk dat ik m wel van t weekend af krijg, moet namelijk erg veel leren, examens volgende week :s

  2. RainBowAlex says:


  3. Jumbo says:

    thnx for upload

  4. Jumbo says:

    Thnx for upload sir

  5. harmen says:

    hallo jumbo

  6. FredG says:

    YEAAHHHHH, make me double Jumbo trailers, i love them very much, because im proud to be dutch……..Catch you later mate, hope you can fix the double jumbo trailer and please let me know.. Bedankt man

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