K Realistic Economy Mod V1.33

Here is the original author of this mod.

I tried my best to make it work for version 1.33, keep in mind i’m an amateuer inmodding.
Read the Mod description in the game or do so by extracting the scs file

Not much changed, as i tried to stay true to the original mod.
Although only supports for Promods!

Kablowsky, Fix by Guenther


10 thoughts on “K Realistic Economy Mod V1.33

  1. getting a crash with Baltics dlc 🙁

    1. I tried this mod with the baltics dlc, but i had promods installed so maybe this is the problem.

      Try this:

      It’s basically without any map mods in mind, but the ferry prices will be standart meaning they could be really expensive. More of a challenge i guess

  2. this one is working, much appreciated, btw less changes in this mod vs previous? size vise the file is much smaller

    1. Changelog [green]1.33 “no map mods” by IGuentherI[normal]:
      – removed anything map mods related

      Changelog [green]1.33 “workaround” by IGuentherI[normal]:
      – [blue]Workaround fix by an amateur[normal]
      – [red]Only Promods supported[normal]
      – Trailer damage adjusted; same values as Truck damage
      – Trailer available at level 10
      – Economy files are different now, so i had to workaround that, don’t expect the same values as 1.30
      – added [green]+25%[normal] revenue to cargo market
      – Reworked Ferry prices [green]Minimum: 25€[normal]; [red]Maximum: 500€[normal]
      – [red]Removed Semaphore definitions, better safe than sorry[normal]

      As you can see, for your version ferry prices are not the ones i set, everything else should be like in the changelog.
      The difference in the file size is because for ferry prices (and fuel prices) you need to set every single country and ferry connection.
      As i simply removed that from the file, it leaves the game to load the standart prices.

  3. I got 10 euro penalty for a collision, isn’t that a bit too low while for red light offense I got 90 euro? Apart from that I dont mind the ferry – fuel price, point is to not get 100k for a route, original game income is insanely high
    Thank you for the mod!

    1. It’s not my mod and i only tried to make it work for 1.33, so the author decided it should be 10eur. Maybe if i feel like it, i’ll create my own mod and bring my own ideas into it, where i will customize these things and put them together in a pack, so one can choose what he wants.

  4. Truckdriver

    i really like your mod but i have a problem. After 50 jobs (bank loan unlock) i bought an own truck but after that the freight prices were as in the vanilla game(not low like in your mod).

  5. I+like+that+mod+but+why+we+got+so+much+time+to+deliver+our+goods?+


  6. Wth why it puts a + for every space i made in my comment lol

  7. Make you that for 1,35 version?

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