Kacper’s Engine Mega Pack – V3.0 – New Edition

Kacper’s Engine Pack Addon for Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator

This is a big engine pack with over 60 different trucks supported, Most of the trucks are for Euro Truck but soon the addon will recieve more engine and more truck support for American Truck. It features high powered engines and lower powered engines which are a regular price and a regular unlock level. Sound is supported
too, Stock sound and Custom sound are included in this addon.

New in V3.0
-Iveco Eurostar Support (Added + Modified Engines)
-New Sound + Engine for the Scania 4
-New Sound For Man TGA
-New Sound + Engine for the New Scania S + R
-Fixed bugs with the man TGA
-Removed Loading Screens
-Fixed a few bugs
-Fully Redesigned Addon Image
-All chassis should now be as default
-Added new Engines for other Trucks


What’s in the New Edition?
This edition recieved a lot of new engines, truck supports and sounds. The New Edition comes with the 3.0
update and doesn’t require any mods, the trucks supported are “optional” so you don’t have to download them
if you don’t want to.

This modification is compatible with all your favourite trucks, Every update new trucks are being added and bugs are getting fixed.
If you like an engine mod which is realistic then you should try this out. To make the addon work at its best you’ll have to give the
mod a high priority, mainly over trucks and sounds.

Official Download Sites
1. SCS Forum (Download Site)
2. ETS2.lt (Download Site)
3. Sharemods.com (Download link)

Load Order
This mod has its own special load order due to overwriting done to the def files, This mod has
to go on “TOP” of all your favourite “TRUCKS” or else the mod will not function properly.
EXAMPLE : Some things like badges, Sound and even engines could be missing.

© Kacperth Workshop 2018, All rights reserved

Kacperth Workshop, Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith, Kriechbaum, EVR, 50Keda, SCS Software


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8 thoughts on “Kacper’s Engine Mega Pack – V3.0 – New Edition

  1. on new scans the icon on s750 does not change, can you fix it?

    1. I am not going to change it because there is no S750 badge, it is going to stay as 730 so its realistic.

      1. #ROASTED

  2. on the new Scania icon does not change on the c750, can you fix it?

    1. Nope

  3. Please tell me how to add Volvo FH16 2012 [ohaha] v22.08r to the list of supported cars, if you select any engine from this mode, the sound completely disappears!

  4. i’m using this mod and man tgx stock sound mod, but i can’t make the stock sound mod working. is this mod change the man tgx sound? i’ve tried to disable this mod but the game always crashed

  5. so what is the password on this stuff?

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