Kassbohrer Trailers Pack v6.0

This mod is built on a highly detailed high-poly models developed by Max Bednov, kazan1234 & Valeriy Rusakov, which made it possible to realize the most realistic trailers in ETS 2. The models is full baked in AutoDesk 3D MAX in high resolution, has a 4K template for applying your own skins to the trailers.

Pack contain thtee standalone trailers:
Car transporter Kassbohrer Capitan
Curtainsider Kassbohrer Maxima XS
Reefer Kassbohrer SRI.
Mod fully updated to new 1.48.x.x game patch

Nikola Trucks


18 thoughts on “Kassbohrer Trailers Pack v6.0

  1. DO NOT download it is a fake. bnes update was not performed. only the manifest.sii file was updated…

    1. TheJustice


  2. virus file hosting

    1. Disable the antivirus and download calmly.

      1. the virus in 10 new tabs ads, they probably use scam pop network with malware ads inside, that’s the main issue. the works file hosting to download mods

        1. worst*

          1. like on each click it opens 2 new tabs and one pop up windows, and minimum 3 times like this, shame for the uploader

          2. I made a video demonstration for you at this link:
            I can’t do more.
            I use: Edge, Eset Nod32, Adblock

      2. I do not use adblock bro and antiviruses

        Why I can easy download without adblock and antiviruses from modsfire or sharemods, and cannot do this from mods.to? Such shame that in order to download from mods.to I need to install multiple antiviruses and set adblock. no thanks, trash service

        1. upload to a normal file hosting, not this scam website for what you need protect yourself with antiviruses

        2. Last piece of advice, try searching for the mod on Google, you may also find it with links, you won’t have any problems.
          Did you also have problems downloading the video?

  3. I’ve downloaded with AVG Ultimate active and without any Warnings or something else.

    ALL Files from February 2023. So I can’t understand the Comments from Gilbert and Sana with the s h i t Comments.

    Learn first more to handle your PC and AV… 😎😎😎

    1. yeah, seems you like ad tabs close simulator, I WANT DOWNLOAD THE FILE, not close the tabs.

      it seems to me us the owner of this file hosting uploads those files on his own just to scam all of us

      1. Why not use an Ad blocker, like uBlock origin extension for Chrome? Plus disable popup windows in browser settings. Voila, zero issues with ads. Ads? What ads? There were ads there? Lol.

        Oh, no, it’s better to go rant here than do anything.

        1. Nothing goes well for him.
          Is it worth helping people?

        2. bro, 10 tabs is too much, without adblocker I can download without issues from modsfire and sharemods. So if there exist those two services, why you upload to this #### made by scam kids just to make money on trash ads?

  4. Sorry, but where in your Archive are the Templates?
    I´ve looking into all Folders, no Template…

  5. Mr Paul Hodgson

    Downloaded no problem got it in game and very pleased with this mod using the reefer and very good no problems at all
    many thanks

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