Kaukokiito Skin For Rjl And NextGen Scania s

Kaukokiito Skin For Scania rjl And Nextgen Scania S Cabin.
ONLY ntm Tandems

Scania Rjl
Eugene PGRS Scania
Kast Tandem Ntm trailers
1.link For Scania Rjl
2.Nextgen Scania


One thought on “Kaukokiito Skin For Rjl And NextGen Scania s

  1. Hey!

    Could you make a truck with a trailer with these:

    -Next Generation Scania P G R S by Eugene
    -Rigid chassis addition for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast

    -4500 mm chassis
    -4700 mm chassis

    – Wake up
    – NTM

    Feel free to add extra things too like these:

    BC-Belka accessory v2.2 – For double burner lights and sidelights
    1.40 Lightpack by R.H Truckstyling[sharemods.com] – For Pollux led lights
    50k-addons[forum.scssoft.com] – For top bar
    Feldbinder KIP Rigid Addon for Revised Kast[forum.scssoft.com] – For sideskirts
    Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast[forum.scssoft.com]
    Addon: Ekeri Full Trailers Revision[forum.scssoft.com]
    Ekeri Trailers Revision by Kast[forum.scssoft.com]

    Company: Andersson Logistic AB

    With the colors orange, purple and blue free to come up with a cool look and a cool logo for me?

    Thanks in advance!!

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