Kenworth K200 CAT Skin


Skin CAT For Kenworth K200 Truck
Tested 1.21.1



9 thoughts on “Kenworth K200 CAT Skin

  1. Skin nice. But where to find a truck?

      1. $25 you’re taking the #### right???

  2. HenriqueSantos

    I do not have that truck,
    but this seems to be a nice paint job

    1. been looking for a updated version of this truck, only one i can find is the paid mod one..pity

      1. HenriqueSantos

        I have the Volvo and Renault of HD Truck, mods are very good, but very heavy file .. how to use them I have to reduce video upscaling and some more things .. on the other hand maybe it’s time for me to do an upgrade on my pc 😉

    1. Sebastian

      good truck but it has not left interior cabin = (

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