Kenworth T800 Edit By TheRustyRagdoll


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Small Edit to the Fantastic Kriechbaum Kenworth T800 that he made!
-Small Suspension Edit.(More Comfort, Less Shaky When Pulling Heavy Trailers)
-New Engine Made By Kenworth From This Year , Tuned According With The Kenworth Official Spec Sheet.
-Chrome Shine Was Decreased a Bit.

Model Credits: Kriechbaum

RustyRagdoll; Kriechbaum;


23 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 Edit By TheRustyRagdoll

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Version on Version…

  2. i love this truck , but the front wheels especially look far to small for the wheel arch . since the 1.8 update , i’ve lost my ‘off road’ wheel mod that had some larger wheels in . pity as for me this spoils what is a brilliant truck

    1. Try using the Peterbilt 351 truck mod as well and ‘borrow’ the large wheels from it, I use those on the Kenworth T800 and Peterbilt 359 mods.

      You don’t have to like or use the Peterbilt 351, just ‘borrow’ the wheels!

  3. krakendasmares

    Thanks a Lot

    1. TheRustyRagdoll

      No Problem, mate!

  4. K-whopper

    hey thanks for custom kenworth wheel.

    1. TheRustyRagdoll

      Im glad You Like It!

      1. Mod don’t works on Mac (Steam) version, the game is closed to enter the dealer dad, Can you fix that?

  5. This might seem like a bit of overkill considering your mod looks amazing, but is there any way on future mods you could add a grill mod like the one in this photo here? I love the grill mods on American trucks.

    1. TheRustyRagdoll

      Hey Mooby thanks for the comment, but the mod isn´t mine i just uploaded a edited version, but if you would want to sugest that here you go.

  6. can someone,make a Crane like the Volvo Ohaha style???

  7. It would not hurt to specify all the authors.

  8. where i can buy this truck?

  9. Is this mod works with ets2 v1.12 ……plz say………..

  10. How do you buy the truck in the game?

  11. the game always crashes when i try to buy it, i believe the game is now running on 1.19… is this the problem?

  12. Thanks for this seriously awesome mod!
    However, there are a few problems with it that one notices right away:
    1) Retarders don’t seem to work.
    2) There is no wiper control handle animation and no ignition key animation.
    3) Not all of the rear view mirrors are individually adjustable and the right hood mirror is not adjustable at all.
    4) The virtual right mirror looks in the wrong direction – too much to the right.
    5) The tachometer a the speedometer dials could be larger for easier reading.
    6) An internal right door handle is partially “attached” over that small right door window.
    7) As others have noticed, the front tires are too small for the wells, and the rear tires seem to be a bit too large for their respective wells.
    8) There is no back up light behind the sleeper.
    9) Overall, the rear view mirrors seem to be insufficient for safe backing up and driving.

    Other than these facts, this mod is tremendously impressive. Thank you!

  13. Is it just me or are the brakes on this truck too strong?

    1. strong

  14. TheRustyRagdoll or Kriechbaum can fix the issues reported? TY

  15. Oye una pregunta… Se puede editar el camión en blender… Me gustaría más cromada la parrilla y los tanques de combustible… Unas antenas largas y unas vigías en las ruedas… Se puede realizar dicha acción?

  16. Cobus Brink

    For some reason the Jake brake sound does not work -the very nice soundfile is there in the mod folder but I can’t seem to find a T800 mod that actually uses it?

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