Kenworth T908 The Lady In Red Skin


Skin The Lady In Red For Kenworth T908 Truck
Tested 1.21.1



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12 thoughts on “Kenworth T908 The Lady In Red Skin

  1. For me, this skin didn’t worked. Appear in Mod Manager, I activated it, but in game didn’t appear on the skin/colors, menu.

    It’s just me, or everyone experiencing this problem. ?

    1. Did you tested using only this mod and this truck? … and in paintjob section?

      Some skins has the same internal names so just the last activated will work i.e.

      If skinners use unique names you can see them all

    2. Are you using the right cabin? Im pretty sure the skin only works with the cabin that’s shown in the screen shots.

    3. Same for me !!!

  2. TugaTunning

    wheels, please? looking for mod.

  3. David A King

    Ummm skin looks good but have yet to find alink anywhere including google for the KW 908 for ETS2 1.21.

    1. You have to buy it from RTA Mods… And really, buy it.
      It was hard enough for them to get the license, so be honest enough to appreciate their work instead of leaking stuff or anything.

    2. у меня есть 908, нужен? [email protected]

  4. David A King

    Side note and admin to note above. Found references to the truck and everywhere that found references the download link has been disabled because it is claimed mod was stolen. Wow no respect for others work.

  5. willy1962

    where do you find the lights above the bumpar and on top of the sleeper in the garage menu ?

    1. Willy 1962 the lights, bumper, lights etc is a separate mod in hd-truck

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