Kenworth W900B Long Skin v 4.0

Kenworth-W900B-Long-Skin-v-3.0-2 Kenworth-W900B-Long-Skin-v-3.0-1

Kenworth W900B Long skin V.4, truck, two variants of sound

Just paint the truck in “Crystal White” color in MAN paint shop.

Thanks dmitry68, Stas556 for a truck. And Kriechbaum for the C15 and
DD60 v.2 sounds.



24 thoughts on “Kenworth W900B Long Skin v 4.0

  1. Yes yes yes, you did it !!!!

    Thank you so much ! Very nice ! Thank you !

  2. Of course. You’re welcome. Enjoy the ride.

  3. ClassicDutchTrucker

    Looks awesome! 😀

  4. good job friend skiner

  5. Only one problem that I can see, Kenworth should actually be in DAF dealers, as they are now owned by DAF.
    Oh, and this rig is just tooooo damned big to be of any use in the game.
    Apart from that it’s an amazing model, just useless for real use in game.

    1. I see no problem, it works very well. Looks great in game.
      And for sure – you need a lot of practice to drive, but it goes. 😉

    2. Hope Springs

      I drove about 20K kilometers in this truck. It works just fine in the game. Practice and get some skills.

  6. kriechbaum

    Really beautiful skin, great job !!

  7. Thanks to all. The next one is very nice. And the last for K900b L. Could someone convert W900L for 1.8.5?

  8. The only problem is K100. It is impossible to make a skin without template.

  9. can anyone make this lovely truck for ? please…

  10. What i want know skiner is you asked for my email before and your aware i can do skins and mods i explained to you the problem im having doing skin for peterbilt and kenwoth at moment and you said you would email me with a solution but ive not had a reply as yet i asked and explained it was for a young chap who hadnt been well. I give lots of help on forum to people and also do skins for ets2 lt only why wil you not say in english to me how you do it please i am not after taking glory but if you asked me for help id help you
    What more can i ask im sure folks would appreciate more skin for these trucks etc and will help you do better job regards ian

  11. I could convert it skiner but wont until i get help with what i asked before and have been asking for the last week. So guys if you want it converted to latest version you know the answer. Otherwisevi shall not release my version of it

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Don’t lie. If you can’t figure out how to make a skin yourself you do not know how to update a truck model to latest version.

      So stop trying to use something you can’t do as a bargaining tool.

  12. Skiner no its not impossible to make skin for k100 your talking bull the reason you say that is because you cant do it i can

  13. Mr.Kriechbaum Only 500 and 1500rpm? And the other? This is a regression. Look at the Kenworth_W900aRC_dmitry68-Stas556. Can you make a more demanding soun updete?

  14. Go look brian my skins are on here were are yours?

  15. Oh yes mr brian earl spliner come on down buddy you made a skin yet? No guess not what lame excuse you got though saying i cant do skins and mods ok there quite a few on here who have my skins ok and mods and you ask around before coming out with that comment stop trying to use somthing i cant do as a bargaining tool qouteing you there !. You will see a simple skin from me when they upload it ok and take notevon side of cab there is a skull which i did myself ok its just a simple skin to shut you up and i make skins only for ets and individuals who contact me via email so the moral is take your foot of the gas and apply the break when you obviously just out to stair trouble dude.

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      You said you had the knowledge to update the W900L to latest version.

      So show me a truck you have “updated” before, as pointing me to simple skins of trucks with templates that every man and his dog are capable of making proves nothing.

  16. So you do a skin brian lets seenit i promise i wont laugh the motto is dont tell somone they cant do it lol your just gona make a bigger ### of yourself and ive challenged you to make a skin and i will make a better one just to prove you wrong again hey i love a tryer

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      Ianwigan says: ” i explained to you the problem im having doing skin for peterbilt and kenwoth at moment”

      Like I said, “If you can’t figure out how to make a skin yourself you do not know how to update a truck model to latest version.”

    2. Brian Earl Spilner

      I’ve done a skin for K100, without a template.

      I’m not arguing anyone’s ability to make skins, they are easy (especially if you have a template).

      I am questioning your claim that you said you “could convert” the W900L to latest version, which I know you don’t know how to do.

  17. Darko Griffin

    just wanna know guys how u switch the bumper camera on … pleasse thank u in advance 🙂

  18. Very nice skin. Where can I get the template for this truck?

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