Kinematic Reshade Reborn v 1.1

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Kinematic Reshade offers some changes in the visual section of the game so that you can enjoy a more realistic and pleasant experience in your travels.
It reduces the fogging and blurring effect of the game, increases the contrast between light and shadow and balances the colour for a more natural feel. In addition, the subtle use of chromatic aberration takes the level of detail to another level, both day and night.

The internal configuration of the game must be as follows:

– Recommended brightness:

– High Dynamic Range: Yes
– Deph of Field: Yes
– Sunshafts: Yes
– Color correction: Yes
– The rest: Your graphic settings and the mods you use, logically, high visual quality values will enhance your experience

Highly recommended Mods to use this preset:

– Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod
– Realistic Brutal Weather or, preferably, Realistic Graphics Mod + No bloom Add-on

Download 1.1


Do not change the order of the shaders and enables the performance mode
Remember to turn off Night Light in Windows 10 if you play at night
Kinematic Reborn is designed for vanilla game and may not offer the best experience if used with mods like JBX Graphics or Naturalux


1.1 reinforces the chromatic aberration to give the game a better feeling of graphic depth, while modifying small settings to improve the image.

More info in this thread:



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11 thoughts on “Kinematic Reshade Reborn v 1.1

  1. where must the shaders be installed?

    1. In the “shaders” folder that is created when Reshade is installed

  2. Very dark!No.

    1. Try it and shut your mouth, come on.

  3. and how do I install the mod?
    I do not know yet

  4. habe das Mod herunter geladen,Ok.
    und weiter?
    es ist eine rar. Datei. ich entpacke und dann?
    Bitte um Hilfe.

    1. Das ist keine Mod

    2. Wenn man keine Ahnung hat, einfach die Finger davon lassen!

      1. hey zui, dankeschön du #####


  6. @conny, tutorial for you:

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