Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack


Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack is
The file is divided into three

1.Korea Professional baseball Team-SCANIA SKIN (by poker face)
2.Korea Professional baseball Team-VOLVO SKIN (by poker face)
3.Korea Professional Baseball Team-TRAILER SKIN (by pokerface)

Trailer is a total 10. (7even is a separate company not decided.)

I took only kronecool,and I didn’t took kroneprofi

Trailer by Company
2 Hanwha – Bcp
3 Doosan – Transinet
4 Lotte – Eurogoodies
5 Kia – Lkwlog
6.NC – Posped
7 Nexen – Stokes
8.SK – Trameri
9 Samsung – Tradeaux
10.LG – Euroacres

Truck: Scania, Volvo, there are two kind of skin. Scania,Volvo body is little difference.
2 Hanwha
3 Doosan
4 Lotte
5 Kia
7 Nexen
9 Samsung

Author: pokerface


12 thoughts on “Korea Professional Baseball Team Pack

  1. whats the passwort ???

  2. Very good. Look forward to the future work the good skin.

  3. zip file. Why Did not mention the password?
    Do not make this mistake in the future.

    To inform zip file password: http://cafe.naver.com/funhardtruck

  4. password ??? we need a password 🙁

  5. password plz ..

  6. pokerface

    I’m so sorry I completely forgot about pass word. I really sorry to all of you.
    password: http://cafe.naver.com/funhardtruck

  7. pokerface

    Hey, I’m maker.
    Did not write password is my mistake.
    So, please do not send email to AYURVEDA.
    He just a man who I know.
    Please do not complain to him.
    I’m so sorry again

  8. hi bro please create lot of skin u r best

  9. hi bro ,please create lot of skin u r best

  10. hi bro ,create lot of skin u r best

    1. Christiaan

      Password please

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