Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem Addon for RJL Scania RS & r4 v 1.7

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Kraker/NTM/Ekeri tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4.
Game version 1.31.x

Changes in 1.7:
-3 new chassis
-Some parts reworked to fit the new chassis
-Some new Parlok fenders

Mod adds
-Kraker box
-NTM box
-NTM related parts
-Ekeri box
-Ekeri related parts
-3 tandem chassis
-VBG hook
-Sidecovers and rails
-Domar wheelcovers
-Parlok wheelcovers
-Reverse lights to doorsteps
-Zepro tail-lift
-4 coolers Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier
-Trailer cables support
-And more

NB: To find parts better for the chassis, recommended to start with fueltanks – box – chassis – sidecovers. NTM parts use other fueltanks(NTM related tanks have NTMlogo UI icon)
!Please do not reupload. If you want to share mod use original link!

More info/templates on SCS forums:

Kast – mod
SCS – everything
RJL – base mod
Capital – Tandem base
Flemming V – Tandem base
Nordisch – Kraker box skin
Abasstreppas – UI shadow

Kast, SCS, RJL, Capital, Flemming V, Nordisch, Abasstreppas


8 thoughts on “Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem Addon for RJL Scania RS & r4 v 1.7

  1. sverreeikenes

    Where can i download the norline skin/repaint ?

  2. fake mod

  3. My trailer is one meter back……with space…..why ?

  4. The mod does not work, fail

    1. This a mod for rjl scanias. You need to activate this mod too

  5. can u make this mod for Scania G modifications v1.5 and Scania P modifications v1.4…pleaseee!!..if u make are the best guy ever! 🙂

  6. where can i find the templates

  7. Loïc Van caneghem


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