Kraz 64431


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Buying from a dealer MAN. Its wheels. His sounds. His salon . 1 chassis 6×4 . Its 2 engine . 3 CPR. Beautiful. There is not much tuning. 1. Added Motor MX13 380,430,455,485,500,600,680 on drugs. and DD60 on 425,470,490,515,550,600,735,815 hp. Peterbilt 389 with Modified v1.9. 2. Add the checkpoint 6,10,13,18 Art. Peterbilt 389 with Modified v1.9. 3. Added a sound MX13 and DD60 with Peterbilt 389 Modified v1.9. 4Dobavil mamifest for events manager. Also uvilichit obyom toplevnogo tank with 500 liters . up to 800 liters. Shaxi adapted for the carriage of cargo weighing up to 95 tons
Adapted to the version : 1.18 – 1.21 .

Nikon oleinichenko, il_86


6 thoughts on “Kraz 64431

  1. Its a very nice truck but i absolutely hate that sound of it? Id love if someone could change it…

  2. the sound is like missing in 1.22 ! do i need to wait for an update ?

  3. mschreyer

    That’s because the .scs file was archived with compression.
    Unpack the mod file and re-archive it. IMPORTANT: Select .zip for archive type and change the compression method to store. For the filename, just use the original name kraz_64431.scs . Install the mod and you should be good to go. This video shows how it’s done with WinRAR but you can also use 7zip.

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