Krone MegaLiner 2017 by Sogard3 [v 1.8][1.32][11-11-18]

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Changelog v1.8
-Added doubles! (Only Load Carrier in this version).
-Fixed some bugs in dealer.
-Added skins.
-Added skins for double(MegaLiner Multos + Load Carrier, LIT and LANG-LKW).

Sogard3, Abasstreppas (Wheels). Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights). SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC). Smyro (Skins). R3AP3R (Skins)


4 thoughts on “Krone MegaLiner 2017 by Sogard3 [v 1.8][1.32][11-11-18]

  1. REVIEW update:

  2. wheel mod for scania?

  3. Clive Pratten


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