Krone Profiliner Ceroni Autotrasporti skin

-real texture
-AI Traffic
–tested version

For Ai Traffic you need the mod:
Kriistof ADDON Pack Krone DLC V2.5.1
(limited edition exclusive to kriistof only)
But I think he hasn’t updated it to version 1.38 yet. I have already updated the ADDON and the trailer works perfectly on 1.38, maybe you have to wait a bit.
If you want to use my files you are free to do so
but I ask you a favor not to block your mods if you use these files, so we give everyone a chance to learn.
In the mod you will find a short and simple explanation.
I recommend that you write all credits as in the description.
Did I ask for a lot ???
-Krone DLC Pack: Matdom1988 (MDModding)
-skin and def: Zoso



12 thoughts on “Krone Profiliner Ceroni Autotrasporti skin

  1. Mod molto buono, capito e tutto è OK.
    Ma Krone DLC non è di Matdom 😉

  2. Matdom1988 only shared coolliner: Krone_traffic_and_job_market
    and you can also find it here in the forum, the complete package created it only for Kriistof and only he who shared it (mod locked), and I hope he updates the mod to version 1.38 for all of you.
    For more info you can contact him on the SCS forum or social media.

    1. Sorry, but we also may share them, what we did about a long time.
      Mat I can contact in the Discord of EtsStudio2, where we also Members since
      the beginning.
      Actually we work to update our Mods, they will come about a short time.
      Kriistof is a Friend in Facebook.

      1. Maybe I explained myself wrong, the mod you can download it but it is not updated AI Traffic to V. 1.38
        Kriistof can update it without problems, there is no need for Matdom even if this project has not carried it forward, now he is taken with the Chereau trailer.
        I can’t help you because Kriistof split the mod into two parts and
        it’s complicated.
        Hear what Kriistof says.

  3. hi could someone make a trotters independent traders skin for 1.37. 1.38 its from series only fools and horses i can’t do this myself for all truck and trailers many thanks

    1. if I understand correctly are you looking for skins with horses?
      on the forum there are but I do not remember the names of the skins
      and it is a bit difficult to find them.

  4. hi thanks for getting back its from the tv series only fools and horses but the actual paint job is trotters independent traders the skin for trailer and truck…. i can not post picture but there is a version 118 of it trotters if you search either on this site thanks very much if you can

    1. non ho tempo per aiutarti.
      guarda se ti piace questa:

  5. hi did you find trailer truck mod trotters independent traders thanks

  6. ok the skin is on version 1.18 under trotters independent traders but no worries

  7. Dude I can’t help you any more I can’t do.
    Search on google horse skin ETS2 something you will find.

  8. Ok if I could upload image but can’t it’s was trotters independent trailers for skin but ok thanks

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