Krone SDP27 DFDS Transport Trailer


Trailer replaced Krone Profiliner

Authors: Vladik3, SCS, Sergey, максим


11 thoughts on “Krone SDP27 DFDS Transport Trailer

  1. this is lowdeck ??

    1. Yes,so the truck mudguards will stick into this trailer .Everybody can make it into standalone, and I found a mistake in sii file,the “wheels offset” should be 2,4,6.

  2. Why don’t people make standalone trailers?

  3. nice trailer…
    tanck you.

  4. Its schmitz coolliner trailer, not like in photo. Fake.

  5. nice trailer…
    Thank you

  6. where is the map ???

  7. doenst work for me!
    it should replace default coolliner.
    but in-game I only see the default one even with this mod enabled!

  8. что за карта?

  9. fajna naczepa.
    Może ktoś napisac co to za mapa

  10. Обновите его сделайте на новые версии!!!Очень хороший.

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