Lightbars & Bullbars addon for Volvo F88

This mod allows to place Bullbars and Lightbars to the volvo f88 1.3 by XBS

I thank XBS for creating one of my favorite truck mods



4 thoughts on “Lightbars & Bullbars addon for Volvo F88

  1. Nigel Rose

    can we get this truck to use on 1.32 beta as an articulated not just as a drawer bar outfit,by far my favourite truck mod thanks

    1. I do not speak English and the translators are imprecise, if I do not understand you mean you use rigid chassis plus the trailer included with the truck, in 1.32 the trailer no longer appears in the companies now you have to buy it.

    2. I do not know if I understood your question correctly, I use a translator because I do not understand much English XD, but it works perfectly with the default trailer, in 1.32 the trailer included with the truck no longer appears in the companies now it is necessary to buy it, and obviously carry a rigid chassis.

  2. I have found out thank you that if you don’t download the BDF trailer then the mod is fine,if you download the bdf you can only use bdf, I have worked this out now, thank you cero J

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