Lighting Nameplate for all Trucks v 6.0

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v6.0 [27.09.2019]
– Trucker Nameplate for the Middle of the Glas (2 version of lights)
– 4 different Lightplates (NudesBusClub, Polarexpress, etc.)
– 5 different lighting nameplate
– Telepass
– for drive and codriver place
– for all Trucks + all Scania´s by RJL + Scania 4 Series RJL
– for new Scania Generation S & R
– for all MADster´s MAN
– Work on DAF95 ATi by XBS
– for new SCS Renault Range T
– work on v1.35

MTP, Stanley, edit by Mr.GermanTruck


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  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

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