Linjegods Skin Pack for RJL Scanias w/ Kast’s NTM Addon

Simple truck skin with box decals to match my Linjegods skins which are part of Kast’s NTM trailer pack.
Works with RJL’s Scania 4, 5, 6 series trucks and Kast’s NTM addon.

Two variants: Linjegods and Linjegods Termo. Both have skinned NTM boxes and cabs.
Skins work for all cabs. There is also a seperate addon which replaces lightbox textures in Powerkasi’s RS addons (as seen above)

More info, future updates and my other skins on SCS Forum:



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6 thoughts on “Linjegods Skin Pack for RJL Scanias w/ Kast’s NTM Addon

  1. where can i find the Michelin doll in the grill the flat one

    1. jeffjam94

      i’m actually also looking for that plate.

      i got plenty of Michelin dolls but i want a plate like on that picture yet i only find broken

      1. The ones used here are private… Though i have seen some versions of these around. I know there are some bullbar mods out there with them on, dunno about any seperate accessory ones though.

  2. MrGamerShow YTB

    I do not arrive has to have the skin for the kraker

    1. MrGamerShow YTB

      I don’t have ntm box

  3. Scaniaboy

    How to lift boggie so high?

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