Living cities Beta Sibir Map 2.3.2 v1.0

This mod animates so far one city of Almetyevsk.
The mod only works on version 1.45 and all DLC maps are needed.

The mod also works with other maps, but without the Volga map connector with Sibir map 2.3.2

Cities, Settlements, Bases, Fields, etc. will be revived. Added pedestrians, animals, cyclists, people at bus stops and benches.

What awaits us, there will be more people in Cities and Towns, and their number may vary from time of day or change of weather. On the road, etc., there will now be more new Random events, such as Car Repair, Power Line Repair, Police Detention of Criminals, Travelers, New Accidents, etc.

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DOWNLOAD 496 MB [mirror]

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