Living cities of Siberia v 1.1

This mod brings 4 cities to life. Almetyevsk, Bugulma, Oktyabrsky and Ufa. Gas stations , fields , bases , villages , service stations , etc . are also lively . Added pedestrians, animals, cyclists, people at bus stops and benches. Fellow travelers will also meet.
The mod only works on version 1.45, and all DLC cards are needed.
The mod also works with other maps, but without the Volga map connector with the Siberia map 2.3.2

There will be more people in cities and towns, and their number may vary depending on the time of day or weather changes.

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DOWNLOAD 451 MB [mirror]

2 thoughts on “Living cities of Siberia v 1.1

  1. All download links are down

    1. Я обновил их. Были ошибки в моде . Скачивайте версию 1.2

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